Hyper-V Feature Request: Promiscuous Mode

You know what they say about making assumptions?

This should apply doubly to Microsoft software.

Getting all excited about trying out the new release of Security Onion, I setup a SPAN on my core switch, and sent it to a virtual NIC on my new Hyper-V server.  For some reason, I could see the traffic on the host OS, but never on the guest OS.

After doing some searching online, I found out that, unlike VMware and ESXi, Hyper-V does not support Promiscuous Mode.

That really sucks.

Microsoft, your forcing my hand….  Back to ESXi for my network monitoring server.


1 thought on “Hyper-V Feature Request: Promiscuous Mode

  1. MS has something similar they allow you to mirror the traffic of a guest nic to another guest nic but they do not have a switch level option unless you use a adv virtual switch like the Cisco nexus 1000


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