New Name, New Look, Same Content

I have decided to change my business/blog name from To The Last Tribe Computer Consulting, to something a little more easier to distinguish as a security consultancy:  Defensive Depth Consulting

“Defensive Depth” is a play of of words on the phrase “Defense in Depth.”  Defense in Depth is a well-known Information Security strategy that would probably be considered the most used strategy today in the Information Security field.

The basic concept is that of building layers of defense around the information to be protected.  As each layer has to be breached separately, the attacker has to expend his limited resources on a multitude of defenses, slowing him down, and maybe even discouraging further attack, as there is bound to be lower hanging fruit elsewhere.  DiD will most likely not stop a targeted (determined) attacker, but it will give you time to react to the attack in a more proactive way.

The alternative to a DiD strategy is that of using one REALLY BIG WALL to defend your assets.  Yes, this big wall will probably keep out most intruders, but the risk of a weakness being found and exploited to your ruin, is much greater, since there is no other defensive mechanisms.

Also, I plan to blog a bit more frequently.  We shall see how that works out.

(I can dream, right?)


1 thought on “New Name, New Look, Same Content

  1. Great name change! Keep up the good work and good luck with blogging more frequently…


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