Reason #8 to Love Rackspace: Free Red Bull!

So Monday, I was lamenting to Rackspace (our hosting provider for the organization I work for), that it looked liked we would be pulling some long hours this week to upgrade our production server from PHP4 to PHP5, to meet a deadline Friday.   I was then told that they had sent me something that should help with the upgrade.

Well, 2 days later, I open a box I had just gotten from UPS, and  pull out a 24 pack of Red Bull!

I just wanted to thank our team at Rackspace, not only for the good service, but also for watching out for us! :)


A Gift From Rackspace
A Gift From Rackspace

2 thoughts on “Reason #8 to Love Rackspace: Free Red Bull!

  1. I hope you sent some of that to Micah in Brazil …


  2. SWEET! Now I know what it’s going to take to get those “extra” jobs done!!

    I guess Rackspace went ahead and set the bar for me…

    So does that mean you have to split the case with Micha and Andy ;-)

    thanks for the hard work-hope the move goes well…I feel your pain.


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