World Domination: Part II

As I alluded to in my previous post, putting in an actual firewall in my home network (instead of the soho linksys “firewall”), was the first step in my plans for World Domination.  

I now reveal my second step:  

To build a home-server worthy of my use. 

I have just finished buying the last component for the new server–I will be putting Citrix XenServer on it, and be able to use the ensuing Virtual Machines for a couple things: 

-As I start working toward my GIAC Gold Certifications for my Silver GSEC, and soon-to-be silver GCIH, I needed a good Virtual Machine box that I can use for my research for the papers I will be writing.

-Research: I would like to be able to test out stuff like OSSIM and Spiceworks

-Finally, I would like to host a domain, possibly on FreeBSD on the server–For practical experiance.

I will be writing a post in the next week detailing the specs and how the build went.


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