Websense Policy Server Install & ~High Latency

I thought I would document this issue, in the hopes that it might help those of you that run into it:

Working for a client, in the last 6 months, I have rolled out Websense Web Security to 3 remote sites, all pointing to the Websense Policy Broker (think mothership) at the central location.  (Websense Web Security 7.5.1 on Server 2008 SP2 Hyper-V VM)

One of the interesting issues I ran into at the remote sites was that no matter what I did, the installs would error out if I pointed the install to connect back to the central location.

the following components have failed to install correctly;

policy server: package deployment failed; wbsn.policyserver




package deployment failed; wbsn.policyserver

The error message seemed to indicate that it was a firewall or network communication error.  Unfortunately, tech support was not being very helpful, so I started doing some googling, and came across this interesting thread.

“it took a lot of time but this usually happens when the latency time is larger than 30 ms it’s what we noticed anyway… it’s not a lot but if you ping the remote site and the ping time is 30ms> there is a good chance you’ll get this error. everywhere we had 30ms>  we got this error.”

Come to find out, this was the issue, which is pretty bizzare, as 30ms latency is really not that bad….  All I had to do was following these instructions:

Install only the policy server, even when it fails it gets installed, so go look under services to see if you have policy server.

If you don’t have it under services then go in the programfiles/websense/bin you should have a policyserver.exe or something like that now if you do policyserver.exe -i (install) this should install policy server as a service.

so if you go back into services you should see the policy server installed. if not then I can’t help it has worked for me so far with many installs.

Once you have policy server installed you can install all the other components.


3 thoughts on “Websense Policy Server Install & ~High Latency

  1. I got this error message when I was installing the policy server on a domain controller running DNS. dns.exe was waiting on the port that Websense Policy Server was trying to use (UDP/55806) and was able to start the Websense Policy Server after I used your instructions to install the service manually.


  2. (After editing websense.ini in the bin directory on the Policy Server and changing the port to an unused port).


  3. This works great. Can’t believe they still haven’t fixed this in 7.7.3. Thanks for the tip!

    I was sick of doing the routine suggested by support: install the whole Triton suite and Policy Broker on the remote system, then modify 3 variables in config.xml to point at the correct policy broker. Then uninstall a ton of unnecessary services. I always felt this was kind of a “dirty” install. Your method is much better!


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