Hurry! Only (random_num) Spots Left!

I have no idea who Greg, developer of the Penny Stock Secret is, or whether or not he really is a millionaire, but I do know one thing for sure:  They really need to obfuscate their javascript better.

So the idea of is that after ‘Greg”, “studied all the investment theories, consulted financial advisors and spent extraordinary amounts of time at his computer,” he found the “keys that bring stock market success.

And for only a one time fee of $97, you can be in on his success!  How?

Well, “More than just identifying the best stocks to buy, we tell you exactly when to sell them too.” They do this through subscribing you to a newsletter that will alert you when you should buy and sell.

But wait, there is a catch!  There are only Insert Random Number Here spots on the newsletter list available!

Wait, what?

Yes, if you view the source, you can see that all the Javascript does is generate a random number for how many spots are available.

What is sad is that I’m sure they are bilking quite a few people out of their cash.  Why?

Wizard’s First Rule.


1 thought on “Hurry! Only (random_num) Spots Left!

  1. Yes it is. He picks the worse stocks I ve seen. All at 52 week low. No volume what so ever I am talking about 100-300k shares traded on a penny stock. He picks them hoping for a bounce. He will not respond when you request for your refund. Save your money I thought I ve spent 100 dollars on worse is why I signed up, but this is the worse 100 dollars I ve ever spent. I ve seen free site and even I have picked stocks way better. Dont know how this guy sleeps at night. For charging people he could atleast come up with good companies.


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