Aced the GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) Exam…

Well, I just got back from Charleston, where I had my GCIH exam this morning. 

I was pleasently suprised to find that it turned out to be fairly easy–It probably helped that I have spent the past 4 months studying through the SANS class associated with the GCIH.  After a little under an hour and a half, I finished the exam, with a 96%. 

With two silver certifications out of the way, I now need to complete the two accompaning Gold papers, to apply for the Master’s program.

In an upcoming post, I will review the SANS class I just finished (SEC 504).


5 thoughts on “Aced the GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) Exam…

  1. Hi

    Congratualations on passing the GCIH exam. I am currently studying for the exam via the Sec 504 on demand training course. Do you think that if i study this inside and out it shouldnt be a problem to pass?



  2. Mark,

    That is exactly what I did–I think you will be fine.

    Good luck!



  3. Hi,

    I am planning to take the GCIH exam at Oct 2009. Is it the practice exam questions similar with the real exam?



  4. Lim,

    Yes, I would say that the practice exam questions are somewhat similar to the real exam.

    Good luck!



  5. Hi,

    Just passed the GCIH exam today. Thanks for everything!!



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