Passed the GIAC GSEC Certification

After almost 4 months of taking my class for a couple hours a day, yesterday I took the GIAC Security Essentials Certification test, and passed with a 94%. I was shooting for >90%, and found it to easier than I was thinking it was going to be.

Next up is the Gold Certification for GSEC, which requires “candidates to complete a technical report covering an important area of security related to the certification the student is seeking.”  I have some different thoughts on some topics, but if you guys can think of anything interesting, and especially relevant to my work with New Tribes Mission, let me know.

As for a review of the class, which I took from SANS, SANS GSEC 401 through their OnDemand program, I thought it was excellent.  Once you get past a few typos, and the obviousy-work-in-progress OnDemand program, I thought that the instructors were great, especially Dr. Eric Cole, and I thought the subjects covered were very good.  Probably my favorite portions of the class was the Cryptology section and  the indepth, low-level TCP/IP instruction.

That’s it for about now-

btw, been following the whole Dan Kaminsky DNS Bug / Matasano disclosure fiasco–Check it out for some interesting, thought-provoking thoughts on how to handle vulnerability disclosure (or how NOT to handle it, as some would quip)


5 thoughts on “Passed the GIAC GSEC Certification

  1. Hi..
    Could you give me a advice for GSEC
    I am ready for GSEC. I am on self-training
    and I wonder how difficult the test
    I got a practice test of sans portal
    I think that Question of practice test was easy and simple


  2. Hi Josh,
    Im on the self study plan for GSEC, however I just dont have the spare money to buy the Sans materials which is way beyond my reach, would you mind sharing study materials with me please? Thanks a ton!


  3. Siva,

    Under the SANS agreement I am under, I am not allowed to share the SANS materials with anyone else. Sorry!



  4. Hi Josh,
    Im really sorry for my ignorance, I was not aware that you are bound by the agreement. No wonder why no GSEC guys responded for my query. I owe you an thanks for that info. Would you please suggest whether my plan B would be effective, Im planning to challenge the certification, in that way i do get 2 practise exams jus to familiarize with the exam format. Do you have any idea how close the practise exam would resemble the actual one. I just want to make sure my preparation is well calibrated and not have any gray areas. Thanks Again!


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