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Outbound Spam Filtering

One configuration setup that I have run into a a number of times is the lack of outbound Spam/Anti-Virus filtering.  The organization in question has their inbound mail queue running through their Anti-Spam/AV filter, but they do not have their outbound mail going through it. When asked about it, typically the response has been, “Never thought about it. We are really only concerned about inbound spam and viruses.” 

Here is my typical response:

When a corporate mailbox is compromised and is used in a spam campaign, how will you know? When the user of the compromised account complains to the helpdesk because of the glut of bounced messages in his inbox? By that time, possibly your only static public IP has been listed on a number of Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBL).

Filtering outbound messages for Spam/Malware helps you detect internal compromised accounts/computers faster than waiting for the user or RBL to alert you.  Just be sure to tweak alerts to get the right kind of alerts when they are needed, so that you don’t fall into alert fatigue.




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More Facebook Shenanigans…

For some reason I have been stuck on bloggin about Facebook. Maybe because they give me so much fodder… ?

So I have been getting messages from Facebook telling me that “soandso found you, via Email Friend Finder.”

What the heck is that!? Is that what I think it is!?


You put in your email and password and let facebook grab your address book.  As an added bonus, Facebook “won’t store your password” or “contact your friends” without your persission.

A couple thoughts on this:

1.) They mentioned not storing your password, and not contacting your friends, but did they mention storing or using/selling your address book?  Like as in, “We will not add your address book to our database that we sell to our affilaties.” ??  hmmmm…..

2.) We are supposed to trust Facebook after all of their past Privacy Shenanigans?  How can we even think about handing over our Password and our Address Books to any company, much less Facebook.

This applies to sites beyond Facebook.  I know LinkedIn.com does it also.  And who is LinkedIn’s target audiance?  Business users with Business email accounts and Business Address Books…

Scary, huh?


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